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Join us in delivering Good News,

“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings glad tidings, peace, good news, happiness and salvation.” This passage from the Book of Isaiah seems especially pertinent in this day and age when we all seek good news.

And yet the preponderance of the news that we receive every day—through television, radio and the Internet—is filled with violence, murders, scandals and tragedy. In the Vietnamese language, the term for broadcast news is tin tức.

Tin means news; while tức is angry. How ironic that the term so accurately describes the reality of the times in which we live. Yet broadcast news accounts for only some of the stories of our world.

There is, of course, the Good News and the stories of Divine Word Missionaries who carry the story of Christ’s love for all people near and far. Though our missionaries live in areas of economic poverty, violence and suffering, they are filled with great joy in their missionary work, in serving people in need.

What accounts for that joy? For one thing, they know that they are not alone. Yes, their feet trek through regions in economic despair, but they walk with the people. They also know that they and their ministries are supported by thousands of benefactors, family members and friends who walk with them through prayer, letters and other ways.

On five continents, Divine Word Missionaries from many varied countries and cultures live and work together as brothers. In the Chicago Province, we work in rural areas and city parishes, schools, hospitals and houses of prayer. Our ministries serve people from Nebraska to Massachusetts and from Canada to the Caribbean and in several languages: English, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese. We reach out to the unchurched, as well as marginalized Catholics. And we build up communities of Catholic Christians that care about the world around them and are consciously committed to Jesus’ mission.

We know that many organizations ask for your support to change the narrative of today’s world. We ask you to continue walking with us to share the Good News and alleviate suffering.

Your contributions make it possible for us to wend with and provide education for the young men who are preparing to be missionaries. Your generosity allows us to journey with and care for sick and aged missionaries who have given decades of their lives to serving the poor and marginalized.

We invite you cordially to walk with us as partners in mission in this world filled with tin tức. As we travel together, we all help God’s Word to become flesh and dwell among us. Let us together bring the Good News to all people.
Fr. Quang Duc Dinh, SVD
Provincial of the Society of the Divine Word, Chicago Province

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Becoming a missionary is a challenging and lengthy process. Help us shape and qualify our future missionaries

The compassion of a family is exemplified in observing how the children care for their aging parents. Help us take care of our aging missionaries

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