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Our Philanthropy

True to missionary tradition, the Society of the Divine Word`s Chicago Province has parishes in poor areas of great ethnic diversity in the United States, Canada and the Caribbean. The Chicago Province continues to be an integral part of our Divine Word congregation, which provides pastoral and humanitarian support to people in more than 70 countries.

Like our parish activities here, the majority of our worldwide philanthropic projects are among the poor and destitute of Africa, Asia and South America. Just as there privation in foreign lands, the poor of the United States, Canada and Caribbean can use much help to meet basic needs, such as food, clothing, housing and education. Supplying these necessities is a daily challenge for our missionaries.

Some of the projects that we have contributed in recent years:
  • 8th Day Center for Justice, Chicago – Justice & Peace – Advocates for Social & Ecological Justice.
  • Africa Faith and Justice Network, Washington, DC – Advocates for responsible U.S. relations with Africa.
  • Catholic Climate Covenant, Washington, DC - people and institutions response to action on climate change.
  • Immigrant-to-Immigrant Ministry Program, which will support the implementation of Pastoral Migratoria with the training of 50 parish leaders and an outreach to 100 Hispanic parishes in the Archdiocese of Chicago.
  • Jamaicans for Justice, Jamaica – Advocate for Jamaica Public and Citizen Rights.
  • Kairos Canadian Ecumenical Justice Initiatives, Canada – Canadian Advocates for Social & Ecological Justice.
  • National Black Catholic Men’s Conference – Support of African American Catholic men in religious life.
  • US Catholic Mission Association – Supports Efforts of US and International Missionary Groups to promote justice.
  • Tolton Pastoral Ministry Program (Africa-American lay ministry) - Support of African American Religious Students Education.
  • Philippines typhoon relief.
  • Interfaith Housing Center of the Northern Suburbs, Chicago.
  • Volunteer Mission Movement.
  • Donations for Catholic Charities USA and for Immigrant-to-immigrant Ministry, Chicago.
  • Earthquake relief efforts for religious communities, Haiti.
  • Flood relief efforts, Philippines.
  • Angel Outreach Program for ex-convicts recently released from prison, Chicago.
  • Myanmar Cyclone Relief, Burma.
  • Two Lil Fishes program that serves meals to homeless in uptown neighborhood in Chicago.
  • Program for nursing training, Indonesia.
  • Immigrant Relief Project.
  • Project with orphans, India.
  • Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility for promotion of social justice and workplace ethics, New York.
  • Support of the Platform for the Common Good, Washington.
  • Funds for Women`s Empowerment Tailoring Unit, India.
  • Fund for Orissa Refugees, India.
  • Funds for recovery from Katrina, Bay St. Louis.
  • The Saboba Technical School, Ghana.
  • St. Paul Technical School, Ghana.
  • San Jose Freinademetz – Fun Shen Fu – Foundation for needy children, Ecuador.
  • Xavier University Institute for Black Catholic Studies, Chicago.
  • Faith Community Homes of Arlington Heights, Chicago.
  • Diverse projects in Pittsburgh / West Virginia District.
  • Genesis Housing - Affordable Housing, Chicago.
  • Equipments for educational projects in Montserrat.
  • Kongregasi Puteri Reinha Rosari (language school and nursing studies), Indonesia.
  • Establish a residence for newly released male offenders in Mexico - Servants of the 11th Hour, California.
  • Grants for Soup Kitchen, Memphis.
  • Grant for Inter-faith social justice - for immigrants and minorities across cultural and religious lines, Lake County United.
  • Bob Fisher Center for education programs, Chicago.
  • Archbishop James P. Lyke Conference - African - American Families Donation.

Please make a donation now or contact us for more information.

Ways to Help...
Becoming a missionary is a challenging and lengthy process. Help us shape and qualify our future missionaries

The compassion of a family is exemplified in observing how the children care for their aging parents. Help us take care of our aging missionaries

The majority of our worldwide philanthropic projects are among the poor and destitute. Join our efforts now