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Arnold Janssen, svd
Joseph Freinademetz, svd
Stanisław Kubista, svd
Grzegorz Frąckowiak, svd
Alojzy Liguda, svd
Ludwik Mzyk, svd
Saint Arnold Janssen Saint Joseph Freinademetz Blessed Stanilsaus Kubista Blessed Gregory Frackowiak Blessed Aloysius Liguda Blessed Louis Mzyk

The prayers listed below have been submitted, through the intercessions of our SVD Saints, to the priests and brothers of the Society of the Divine Word to be included in their daily prayers, offerred sacrifices and works of charity. Add Your Prayer

PrayerI am having a major crisis of faith and hope. I believe that GOD has predestined me to hell. Do prayers really make a difference? Satan is coming down hard on me. Please pray as I don't want to go to hell. If I have to go to hell, please pray that I have as long of a life with family and friends if possible.

I thought GOD really wanted to me go into religious life as I felt such peace when I thought about it and when I visited the Dominicans and read St. Catherine of Siena's dialogue, I realized that I was possessed by demons. I feel that GOD deceived me and now I have no trust, faith, or hope.
Hopeless 7/28/2013 Edit Prayer

Prayerplease help my family come to know and love Jesus, especially my nephew. Help them to turn their lives around.

May my husband rest in the loving arms of Jesus.
JoAnne 7/24/2013 Edit Prayer

PrayerMBNP dziekuje za otrzymane laski Za zdrowie coreczki w czwartek jedziemy na control badz z nami Matko Najswietrza dopomurz I spraw by Wszystko bylo w porzadu w tobie nadzieja nasz
Aneta 7/22/2013 Edit Prayer

PrayerMatenko Kochana prosze o milosc moja i Angelo o polaczenie naszych serc na zawsze w wielkiej milosci.Bog zaplac
agnieszka 7/20/2013 Edit Prayer

PrayerUpdated Prayer Intention!

Slow Recovery from the Death of Our Only Son & Other Ongoing Sorrows....

July 19,2013

Dear Community of Prayer,

Thank you for praying with us in our long dark night of the soul!

Despite ongoing pain and sorrows we continue to stay at our Post in Faith and Hope with the help of your Daily Prayers and God's Mercy!

Please continue to pray(2013,2014..?)with us daily for Recovery! Recovery for God's Healing,Protecting Peace and Hope in our Broken Hearts,Health Issues,Relief from Severe Financial Misery which is making our recovery next to impossible! Please pray! Please pray for God's Peace! Feel free to pass Urgent Prayer Request on to other Communities(Women&Men)of Prayer that you know of in the World?

Thank you for your patience,

In His Peace,

Bill and Carol. usa

PS. We will keep you in our daily prayers as we cry out to God Day & Night in Prayer for His Mercy & Peace!
Bill and Carol  7/20/2013 Edit Prayer

PrayerMake sure I never break the 6th commandment, lead me where You want me to go and no where else. Grant me total obedience to Your will in all things, prevent me from doing anything which is against Your will. , Increase Your Spirit and the Holy Spirit in me. Increase in me holiness, perfection, and heavenly virtues, purity of heart, soul, body, mind, thought, word, deed, and intention and Spirit. Grant me the favor that I can go immediately and be with my mom as soon as my brother in the nursing home passes and don't have to wait, but before I pass I have have been able to donate a huge amt of money, all that I have to a seminarian education burse so future generations of seminarians will have adequate funding.

Anonymous 7/9/2013 Edit Prayer

PrayerNajdrozsza Matenko. Prosze Cie o uzdrowienie, o pomyslnosc mej opreracji, o pomyslne wyniki. Trzymaj mnie w Swej opiece. Chron i czuwaj nad moja corka Patrycja.Dziekuje ci za wszystkie laski ktore dajesz mi kazdego dnia.
Malgorzata A.
Anonymous 7/4/2013 Edit Prayer

PrayerPlease pray with me for my brother, Jeff, that he may know a happy death as soul departs this life. May he see and be radiant and his heart be thrilled and rejoice. Amen
Anonymous 7/4/2013 Edit Prayer

Prayerthat kerwyn garcia will have peace of mind and that the desires if his heart will be granted
Anonymous 7/3/2013 Edit Prayer

PrayerKrolowo Najpiekniejsza,Matenko moja pokornie prosze o laske prawdy i sprawiedliwosci,o to zeby Pawel,Marek i Angelo dowiedzieli sie co mi zrobila Ewa Emila i Robert...Bog zaplac
agnieszka 6/29/2013 Edit Prayer