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Prayer Corner

Arnold Janssen, svd
Joseph Freinademetz, svd
Stanisław Kubista, svd
Grzegorz Frąckowiak, svd
Alojzy Liguda, svd
Ludwik Mzyk, svd
Saint Arnold Janssen Saint Joseph Freinademetz Blessed Stanilsaus Kubista Blessed Gregory Frackowiak Blessed Aloysius Liguda Blessed Louis Mzyk

The prayers listed below have been submitted, through the intercessions of our SVD Saints, to the priests and brothers of the Society of the Divine Word to be included in their daily prayers, offerred sacrifices and works of charity. Add Your Prayer

PrayerPlease pray for my children, especially for the ones studying,so that they can successfully pass all the exams. Also,please pray for special blessing, strength and perseverance in building a new life for our oldest son.
Anonymous 2/6/2014 Edit Prayer

PrayerPlease pray for my mother Patricia Ann S. for emotional, spiritual and physical healing especially from her lung/breathing ,infections,heart,blood pressure issues and sliding hernia
son george  2/5/2014 Edit Prayer

PrayerPlease help my friend, Kim, who has kidney failure and is currently in the hospital.
Anonymous 2/4/2014 Edit Prayer

PrayerPlease pray for my brother, he is having financial problems for the last 7 years and has taken several loans.
Anonymous 2/3/2014 Edit Prayer

PrayerPlease pray for my brother who has lost his job. He is having problems with his family and is an alcoholic too. He hardly goes to church.
Anonymous 2/3/2014 Edit Prayer

PrayerI pray that our son Jonathan and his wife Crystal will marry in the Catholic Church and have their marriage blessed in Holy Matrimony. They were married by a Justice of the Peace and have a civil union. Our hearts are broken and I ask that God's will be done.
Cindy 1/30/2014 Edit Prayer

PrayerPLEASE, pray for the SAVING of the MARRIAGE of my dear husband and me. My dear David has separated from me (November 2013), does not speak at all with anyone who has contact with me nor me and IS trying to divorce me....Please, pray for the SAVING and STRENGTHENING of our beautiful marriage! We met through the image of Our Lady, Queen of the Holy Angels, he proposed after Holy Mass and the Angelus (while we were before the image of Our Lady of Czestochowa... at St. Stanislaus Oratory.... on the feast of the Holy Family, and were married August 17, 2013) We have helped each other grow in grace alot! We both intend well, and our challenges are completely reconcilable.....Yet, David is SO set on a divorce!... Please, pray God softens his heart and encourages him to reconcile with me. We need a MIRACLE.... Please, URGENTLY pray for the SAVING OF OUR MARRIAGE, as it IS IN the courts!........ Thank you so very much, and may God bless you and your families via the Immaculate Heart of His Blessed Mother!
Mary Anne 1/28/2014 Edit Prayer

PrayerPlease pray for my friend's brother and his family as he passed away of a heroine overdose. If JESUS said, where two or more are gathered in my name it will be done, than how come he didn't recover as his family has been praying very hard for a long time. How come there still are abortions? How come some people and children don't recover from cancer? Or parents know what happened to their kidnapped child. I lost my faith. I lost my belief in the power of prayer.
Anonymous 1/28/2014 Edit Prayer

PrayerPlease I ask for urgent prayers upon my daughter Annie. She is trying hard to find work and it's very hard. Please pray for God's immediate help upon her with a miracle soon.
Mindy 1/27/2014 Edit Prayer

PrayerFor a change of heart within myself that will help my marriage.For wisdom in our decisions that we may fulfill God's will and prosper in His Way.For strength to break through the barriers that block us.Thank you for your prayers.
Anonymous 1/26/2014 Edit Prayer