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Arnold Janssen, svd
Joseph Freinademetz, svd
Stanisław Kubista, svd
Grzegorz Frąckowiak, svd
Alojzy Liguda, svd
Ludwik Mzyk, svd
Saint Arnold Janssen Saint Joseph Freinademetz Blessed Stanilsaus Kubista Blessed Gregory Frackowiak Blessed Aloysius Liguda Blessed Louis Mzyk

The prayers listed below have been submitted, through the intercessions of our SVD Saints, to the priests and brothers of the Society of the Divine Word to be included in their daily prayers, offerred sacrifices and works of charity. Add Your Prayer

PrayerWe ask our dear Mother Mary that the Year of Faith brings about many conversions, deeper understanding of Christianity, that the Vatican II document be implemented and understood properly, that it helps stop and remove liturgical abuses, it helps Catholics see that the Eucharist is the most important aspect for their lives, while helping awaken all to know that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass must be celebrated and lived reverently and is the living bread that feeds us, so we may be strengthened to spread Jesus' Light into the darkened world, and that the Year of Faith touch all Priests, Religious and Religious Orders to be truly faithful and obedient to the Church, and through our Lady of Fatima that many seeds be planted in this Year of Faith, so that there be a continual conversion of peoples and that the Church may grow in love, holiness, service, faithfulness and purity, and through our Lady of Fatima praying for the special grace that the Church soon celebrate a Year for the Faithful Departed and Poor Souls in Purgatory, so that devotion for the dead and Souls in Purgatory increase and that this devotion helps the faithful to live holier lives and for Heaven so one may avoid harsh judgement in the next life.
Anonymous 1/22/2013 Edit Prayer

PrayerBlagam o przebaczenie o zbawienie i nawrocenie dla agnieszki i pawla...bardzo przepraszamy i barzdo Cie Matenko kochamy...pokornie prosze o uzdrowienie ze wszystkich chorob fizycznych i psychicznych z anemi...blagam o dar rodzicielstwa,zeby nasze dziecko bylo zdrowe,madre,dobre i pobozne ,pokornie prosze o Laske prawdy i sprawiedliwosci,zeby pawel dowiedzial sie calej prawdy...nie wiem jak mamy dziekowac Ci Kochany moj Panie Jezu...zawsze bedziemy razem...Kochamy Cie calym serce
agnieszka i pawel 1/21/2013 Edit Prayer

PrayerPokornir prosze o Laske przebaczenia,nawrocenia i zbawienia dla Ewy Emili i Roberta
agnieszka i pawel 1/21/2013 Edit Prayer

PrayerPokornie prosze Dobry Boze o Laske dla Roberta, o dobra kobiete prowadzaca do Boga przy ktorej wytrwa w trzezwosci,milosci i wierze...Bog zaplac
agnieszka 1/21/2013 Edit Prayer

PrayerPokornie prosze o Laske nawrocenia dla Pauliny i Piotra,Laske zbawienia i przebaczenia,zeby kroczyli droga Jezusa i Maryi,zeby Paulina znalazla prace i zyli w szczesciu,radosci ,milosci i wierze..Bog zaplac
agnieszka 1/21/2013 Edit Prayer

PrayerMBN Pomocy blagam o zdrowie dla naszej coreczki by pokonala chorobe i wyszla z tego w tobie nadzieja nasza
Cudowna Lekarko w chorobach dopomoz nam wyjednaj nam u syna swego laske zdrowia dla Ani
Anonymous 1/16/2013 Edit Prayer

PrayerMatko Boza patronko pokoju, prosimy Cie o wyproszenie lask pokoju w naszej rodzinie
u Twego Syna Jezusa Chrystusa
Anonymous 1/15/2013 Edit Prayer

PrayerHeavenly Father I ask your Spirit to come into the lives of my brother's family and bless them. Bless them with their many concerns and let them know You and the power of prayer.
Anonymous 1/14/2013 Edit Prayer

PrayerReally Help FPV. Remove any obstacles which would prevent him from staying a priests. He really needs Your help. help me. Keep FPV in Your Service Never let me go where You would not want me to go. . I am trying to do everything that You would want me to, the right things. please help me Jesus! things. . Make sure I never break the 6th commandment. Help me submit totally and permanently To Your will in all things even if it really hurts and I totally permanently submit totally to those You put above me in all things except sin. Find that perfect fit for me in this world where I will be happy ,Lord Jesus, please grant me my petition I left at the Church of the Holy Schepture the way I want it answered. Help me control my emotions.Take, Lord, and receive all my Liberty, my memory, my understanding And my entire will, all I have and call my own.
You have given all to me. To you, Lord,
I return it. Everything is yours;
Do with it what you will. Give me only your Love and your grace, that is enough for me. .Lord Jesus, I come before You just as I am, a sinner, and unworthy to be in Your presence. I come before You just as I am, full of imperfections and failings Forgive me my offenses and help me forgive those who have wronged me I beg of you, my Lord, to remove anything which separates me from You, and You from me.Remove anything that makes me unworthy of Your sight, Your control, Your reprehension; of Your speech and conversation, of Your benevolence and love.Cast from me every evil that stands in the way of my seeing You, hearing, tasting, savouring, and touching You; fearing and being mindful of You; knowing, trusting, loving, and possessing You; being conscious of Your presence and, as far as may be, enjoying You. This is what I ask for myself and earnestly desire from You. May I, by the merits and intercession of the same Blessed Virgin, merit to be found in me the same as in the Heart of Jesus, through the same Christ Our LordJesus, increase vocations to the priesthood/religious life and protect them. Help Pope Benedict. Give me an over- abundance of volunteer work to do to keep me busy and happy. Help me grow in virtues, perfection, and holiness. Help me to overcome all of my weaknesses and failing and imperfections. Increase in me Faith in You and Total Love for You and my neighbor. Let me always have money to help fund seminarians and to help others . Make me meek, humble, generous, patient, loving, and mild, help me die to myself and always seek first the kingdom of God in my life. Help me to walk in Your footsteps. Give me always and permanently purity of thought, word, deed, body, mind, soul, heart, actions, and intentions. , Let Your will always be done to me and make my will the same as Your will. Help me in any way I need help to become and stay in perfect union with You. Help me to live in harmony with Your will in all things.. Teach me humility . .. , Get rid of abortion and living together w/o marriage. Help the garage to find the parts I need to fix my car. Really Help as he needs Your helpHelp me to merit heaven. .. Thank You, Jesus, for coming into this world, suffering and dying for us so that we might live. . .
Anonymous 1/12/2013 Edit Prayer

PrayerThat my ministry to the Glenview Hospice Pavillion will be blessed and bring many people to a happy death with the Lord.
Anonymous 1/7/2013 Edit Prayer