We love stories! They can teach us, convey a message, inspire, and motivate.

They are among the oldest forms of human communication and for centuries the only form of communication that passed wisdom from generation to generation, including Sacred Scriptures. The stories collected here are from multiple sources and adapted so they are not too long for your busy schedule. We hope you enjoy and benefit from them - finding meaning that applies to your life.


Being Present

Apr 2024

When asked how he manages to maintain such a calm and balanced demeanor all the time, a Tibetan master replied with simplicity: “It’s simple. When I lie down, I lie down. When I sit, I sit. And when I walk, I walk.”
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Seen In Your Eyes

Mar 2024

Two simple miners had been digging through rocks for several months, looking for some precious stone with which they could support their families. One day, in the cracks between the rocks, they saw something shining. It looked like they found what they were looking for!

Words and Examples

Feb 2024

There is an old story about a writer and how he studied the Amish people in preparation for an article on them. What did he discover that day?

The Trouble of Preconceived Notions

Jan 2024

The driver driving the car had a flat tire on an empty and dark road. He got out of the car but noticed that he had not taken the car jack with him, so it would not be possible to change the tire. Despair began to seize him as he saw the light of a country house in the distance.

The Value of Community

Dec 2023

A dying father called his sons to him and decided to impart one final lesson before departing this world. When his sons arrived at his bedside, he handed them a bundle of young bamboo shoots and instructed them to break them.
Young adults with candles

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