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What is a Charitable Gift Annuity?

One way in which you can support our missionaries is by giving a gift in exchange for a guaranteed income for life. This type of gift is referred to as a charitable gift annuity.

In simple terms, a charitable gift annuity is an agreement in which you can transfer assets to a charity in exchange for a lifetime income stream and tax benefits. The interest rates are fixed at the time the annuity is donated, making it dependable and safely removed from the fluctuations in stock market results. You can feel comfortable and confident knowing that you will receive a steady, specific income for life.

Benefits of participating in the Society of the Divine Word gift annuity includes

Reliable and Steady Income for Life

The Society of the Divine Word believes it has a moral obligation to make your payment reliable and dependable. In over 100 years, we have never missed a payment!


High Rate of Return

Depending on your age, your rate of return may be significantly higher than CDs and money market rates offered by banks. The payout rates for the Society of Divine Word’s annuity exceeds those defined by the American Council on Gift Annuities, as well.

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Tax Benefits

A percentage of your gift annuity can be deducted as a charitable contribution. A portion of the annual income received is also tax-free. Exact figures for each annuity are based upon current Internal Revenue Service regulations. Click below for more tax benefit information.

Tax Benefits & Payment Options

Spiritual Benefits

Annuitants share in the Society’s work as well as its blessings. Annuitants are remembered in the prayers and Masses offered by Divine Word priests worldwide and are automatically enrolled in the Society’s Mission Mass League, where seven Masses are offered every day perpetually.


For further questions about our annuity,
please contact us via email or call us at 1-800-461-3064.

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"My connection with the Divine Word Missionaries began when I was 19."

- Annuitant, Linae Frei

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