Being Present

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When a group of new students asked a Tibetan master how he manages to maintain such a calm and balanced demeanor all the time, he contemplated and replied: “It’s simple. When I lie down, I lie down. When I sit, I sit. And when I walk, I walk.” 

In a quizzical manner, the group replied, “We do the same." 

“Not really,” the monk continued, “When you lie down, you are already getting up. When you stand, you are already walking. When you walk, you are already running.”

Most of us are not fully present in our actions; when we do one thing, our minds are already racing towards the next activity. Instead of focusing on what we are doing and being fully present in each individual moment, we often give more attention to the possible future than to the present. This tendency is especially exacerbated in this age of technology that constantly distracts us.

"Be where you are; otherwise, you will miss your life." - St. Teresa of Avila

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