A monk walking towards water in a forest with his reflection in the water.

Monk and Scorpion

Scorpion.pngMonk and Scorpion...

Disciples were following a monk. When they crossed the bridge, they saw a drowning scorpion. The monk ran along the river, entered the water, and took the scorpion in his hands to save him, but the scorpion repaid him with a bite. Because of the pain, the man threw him into the river again, but did not stop trying to save him. He took a branch, ran along the shore, and pulled the scorpion safely ashore. The students reacted with these words, "Why did you save him, he bit you? You should leave him to drown."

The monk listened patiently and replied, “He acted according to his nature, and I according to mine.”

We are created for good, this is our final goal and although we have temptations to do evil, and sometimes we choose to act on those temptations, we are good by nature, because we are created in the image of God who is loving.

"He gave himself for us. By doing that, he set us free from all evil. He wanted to make us pure. He wanted us to be his very own people. He wanted us to long to do what is good."
Titus 2:14

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